The Agenda.

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Day 1

Section A - Blow it up!

Start: 9am | End: 5pm

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Slash for Success

Is 2024 the beginning of the end, or is it the beginning of something greater? How creative destruction can provide a positive rebirth for major pharma companies.

The IRA, here to stay

For pharma, the future is uncomfortably uncertain. How do we sign a new social contract with society in order to reassert our value and build meaningful trust of the kind that took place half a century ago?

You AIn’t seen nothing yet

We may be getting to grips with AI in R&D, but we’re still in the foothills when it comes to business transformation. It’s time we took steps to avoid being victims of technology. Better to define our destination and bust the myths that are holding us back. 

Consumer power play - Solve

Can you build a new layer of integrated services, higher standards or unified patient data to provide an even better solution?. Examples like Mark Cuban and Vivek Ramaswamy only go to prove that people-power is not going away.

Action on Access & Affordability

The increased focus on specialty products has meant that access and affordability have become something to choose between, Health equity challenges and substantial regulatory obstacles must be overcome, but all these have knock-on effects for market access messaging and positioning. 

The Patient Disruption

Learn how to achieve action at the same time as democratizing patient engagement throughout the company, whilst also valuing and measuring patient engagement ROI by understanding and articulating the value of true partnership with patients. 

Section B - Time to rebuild

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First-move fever: pharma’s biggest disease

How can we harness technology and mindsets that allow us to welcome bolder ideas? Is this simply about the courage to create, or can we find systematic ways to manage fear and better take advantage of opportunities?

From Launch to Legacy - Solve

A new generation of specialty medicines is making it harder for the commercial go-to-market model to develop innovative and agile solutions for product launches. It’s time to bridge functional gaps in data and collaboration to drive common-goal objectives to get ahead of a changing launch environment. 

Antifragility through Agility - Solve

We’ve tried to advance agility for several years, the reality is that we’re still wedded to slow and risky models and we lack flexibility in the face of adversity. Is it worth changing tack? Let’s explore what kind of change is required to make the difference we want to see.

Be on your Best Behavior

Pharma is an industry that relies on logic. The problem is, human behavior is very often illogical. In order to maximize outcomes, we need to harness the alchemy of psychology.

Day 2

Section C - Pioneering Performance

Start: 9am | End: 4pm

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The 2030 Rules of Engagement

Find out how the next generation of physicians, which will dominate healthcare by 2030, determine who’s hot and who’s not.

A Data-Driven Field Force

Next Best Action (NBA) and other technologies have been in force since before the pandemic, but have we adapted our fundamental capabilities since? Let’s look at some of the new models and how they’re powered by a smarter use of digital tools across field operations.

Organizing Omnichannel

Omnichannel requires the bridging of functional gaps in (as well as the destruction of) data silos Learn from sources outside pharma about how channel strategies can be upgraded by harnessing data and upgrading KPIs. 

Veeva la Pharma

The orange team strongly believes that their separation from Salesforce and their new suite of tools will herald a new set of capabilities in commercial pharma with seamless integration and data flow. Are they right? 

The Content Dilemma

It’s time to consider how we can meet heightened customer expectations while overcoming persistent global vs local challenges. 


Smash the MLR Deadlock

MLR has been innovation-resistant for many years a But what if AI and a joined-up process can bring some light to the situation? Or is there something totally different we should be considering?

Medical Might

Historically, ‘volume’ metrics such as frequency, activity, and impressions have dominated medical teamsBut it’s clear that vanity measures like these are a losing game. If we’re going to define a better future, we need the KPIs for it.

Embrace Failure, Find Success

Outside R&D, we aren’t used to taking risks; we’re afraid of them. How can we create an innovation culture that makes teams comfortable being uncomfortable? If we can win that kind of trust, we can encourage experimentation and bring about a whole new way of working.

Compliance or Caution? - Solve

Our world is advancing fast. Most of us are finding it hard to keep up with what’s compliant and what isn’t. Is it ever the case that we should be asking for forgiveness rather than permission? It’s time to consider how we can implement thoughtful risk-taking at scale.

Section D - A new dawn

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Talent for a New Future

What do we do to ensure the real data science talent ends up in pharma over Silicon Valley? How do we treat behavioral science as seriously as we do biological science in order to understand patients in a more holistic way? 

The Prevention Trap 

Many branches of healthcare are giving way to prevention rather than treatment. But ‘prevention’ is never going to look as dramatic as ‘cure’, even when the outcomes are better. This is the prevention trap, and we need a way out. 

Predict and Simulate - Solve

Harness new forms of generative AI and synthetic data to predict future demand. Determine the best treatment protocols based on how we can identify at-risk populations for proactive interventions, shifting from treatment to prevention.

Pharmageddon is over. Welcome to Pharmageddon - Solve

This event is useless. Useless unless it means something when you’re back to your desk. Learn how to cultivate a culture of curiosity and bold thinking that permeates your thinking when you get home.

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