Stefanos Zenios - Heahshot

Stefanos Zenios Professor of Disruptive Innovation Stanford University

David Coman - Heahshot

David Coman CEO Science 37

Jennifer Buechel - Heahshot

Jennifer Buechel Chief Operating Officer Delfi Diagnostics

Jacob LaPorte - Heahshot

Jacob LaPorte Co-Founder & Global Head, BIOME Novartis

Paul Simms - Heahshot

Paul Simms Chief Executive Impatient Health

When those of us working in clinical trials hear the phrase ‘disruptive innovation’, we’re pulled in opposite directions. We’re excited about something new, addressing the huge unfulfilled potential—exploring the impact and potential on research and patient experience. But we’re also inhibited, aware of the barriers and sensitivities ahead—with regulators and patients as critical customers that must be managed, and scientific rigor to uphold.

Across industries, leaders examine disruptive innovation, looking at the inflection points that lead to broader adoption. The adoption phase in decentralization is now. Yes, there has been inhibition and concern over regulatory acceptance, but the transformative benefits cannot be ignored.

Join us for a masterclass conversation with leaders and innovators from Stanford and Science 37, as we discuss decentralization from a disruption standpoint—looking to uncover where we are in terms of adoption. Learn more about agile technologies and industry standards that are needed to drive clinical trial innovation, as we move towards universal adoption of decentralization.